Available courses for the classical homeopath

  • We offer currently three great courses by Drluc de Schepper and two courses by Dr Veneeth Sidharthan, and we hope to bring a few new courses in the coming months, for example by Dr Farokh Master.
  • After completing the course you will receive a certificate mentioning the number of CPD hours  (Continuing Professional Development / Nascholing / Post Graduate training). 
  • Our courses are approved by ACHENA (USA) and NWP, NVKH, NOKH (Netherlands)
  • For questions please contact the course moderator René via the contact page.
  • Approved Continuing Professional Development (CPD/CPE) courses: Most of our courses are approved by governing bodies like Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America (ACHENA), The Australian Register of Homoeopaths (AROH), (Erkende nascholing): the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Klassieke Homeopathie (NVKH), the Nederlandse Organisatie voor Klassieke Homeopathie (NOKH).

Latest news

Dr Veneeth Sidharthan Live in the Netherlands 9 May 2024 Topic: diseases related to the Metabolic Syndrome. Participate on locations or via Webinar:
more info here

English courses:

Veneeth Sidharthan

(2 courses available)

Luc de Schepper

(3 courses available)

Homeopathic hospitals from the past.

Dutch language courses (Nederlands)





































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