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New available Core Analysis-II:  Dr Veneeth explaining the theory of "Core Analysis method" in detail.


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A great course with a theoretical introduction and 22 cases, mostly presented in a workshop form.

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This new course discusses in detail the "Core Analysis Method" with diabetes cases and a few cough cases.

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Veneeth in Spain


26 & 27 Aug 2024

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For an impressions of a few of Dr Veneeth's previous seminars.

I enjoyed Dr Veneeth Online course - "masterclasses" very much!

They were explained in a very simple way and easy to understand. The experience with cases he shares is priceless, and I felt the Vithoulkas school behind him also.  And there is a course moderator available for any questions.
A great course !!

Maria Kurilova

I finished the online course, and I found it fantastic, what a brilliant man. I hope soon more courses will come available of him.

Dr Jan de Wachter

Working 40yrs as classical homeopath in Belgium

I found Veneeth's course very interesting. It gives insight and confidence in the classical homeopathic approach. That both serious and less serious pathology can be treated effectively with the already known homeopathic remedies. I realize again that you have to observe very well and translate to the correct repertory headings. Correct repertorying is also essential.

Lisette Frijters


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9 May a oneday seminar
in the Netherlands.
Diseases releated to the metabolic syndrome

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A previous seminar in the Netherlands 9 & 10  Febr 2024

A recent interview with Dr Veneeth

Dr Veneeth about the additions in the repertory: his Repertory View


recent international seminars:

Live case seminar in Spain -
Madrid 19&20 May 2024

Available both live in Madrid & via Webinar

The workshop/seminar can be attended live at location or via Zoom webinar for people who live for example in other countries.
There are only a limited number of places available at location.
Location in Madrid
The seminar venue:
Centro antares
Plaza del mar Caribe n*5
Coslada 28821, Madrid

For registration within Spain (Spanish) please phone Dr Beatiz: +34-699637343 or email to:

For registration from other countries (English) email to