Dr Veneeth Sidharthan:
Online course I
"Case analysis according to Hahnemann"

We offer the first great online course of Dr Veneeth Sidharthan, in which he shares 22 cases.
Most parts of the course is organized as a workshop in which you can have a great learning experience when given a few minutes to work out the cases yourself, before the case is being discussed with the group. Then finally the analysis and prescribed remedy is discussed with the group.

The course comes with an accompanying course document with links to optional online quiz questions.  When participating with the quiz questions you will receive a certificate after completion the course.

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In the Course II Dr Veneeth describes in more detail the theory of the "Core Analysis method".

For an impressions of a few of Dr Veneeth's previous seminars.

I enjoyed Dr Veneeth Online course - "masterclasses" very much!

They were explained in a very simple way and easy to understand. The experience with cases he shares is priceless, and I felt the Vithoulkas school behind him also.  And there is a course moderator available for any questions.
A great course !!

Maria Kurilova

I finished the online course, and I found it fantastic, what a brilliant man. I hope soon more courses will come available of him.

Dr Jan de Wachter

Working 40yrs as classical homeopath in Belgium

I found Veneeth's course very interesting. It gives insight and confidence in the classical homeopathic approach. That both serious and less serious pathology can be treated effectively with the already known homeopathic remedies. I realize again that you have to observe very well and translate to the correct repertory headings. Correct repertorying is also essential.

Lisette Frijters


Course moderator, quizzes & certificate

The total video time is 9 hours, but when participating with the workshop and doing the optional quiz questions and reading assignments the total will come to two full days, a total of  about  11 to 12 hours.


The ACHENA (North America) has accredited the course for 9 hours CEU / CPD hours.
The NVKH and NOKH (The Netherlands) have accredited the course for 2 full days training (Nascholing)


During the course you can communicate with the course moderator Rene, and on normal weekdays he will respond within 12-24 hours.

The quiz questions and assignments are optional, but if you want to receive a certificate you need to complete the course quizzes. If you follow the course attentively you will be able to succeed easily with the quiz questions.
After you purchased this course on Vimeo.com you need to contact the course moderator to receive the accompanying course document.


About Dr Veneeth's teachings

Dr Veneeth follows Hahnemanns principles of case analysis and case management how to come to the "Core of the case". These pricinples are often not taught anymore extensively, but rather immediately students are confronted with many new thories, and do not gain any confidence in the application of normal classical homeopathy.

The aim of Veneeth with this course to fill this gap, and to give you confidence and experience in classical homeopathic prescribing and the use of the "normal" remedies.


For any question please contact the course moderator Rene via the contact page.

Download the course description leaflet
You can download here a course description leaflet.

Experience of a participant of Veneeths' course

The Course of Dr. Veneeth Sidharthan was amazing. It unlocks each cases simply according to Hahnemanian way.  Dr Veneeth was also my mentor in my early practice. This was an excellent course which teaches the basic steps to follow to solve cases. A lot of skin cases are there with proper guidance. The course moderator was also excellent, because he gave guidance when  I had an issue. I find it a great course for everybody who seek to learn Classical Homoeopathy.

Dr Majitha Suhail, India

Experience of a participant of Veneeths' course

 I found Dr Vineeth's course very interesting especially because it is all based on actual cases with follow up evidence.

Dr Veneeth shows proof that homoeopathy does work wonders in complicated, long standing and often hopeless cases such as in thyroid cancer, brain tumors and infertility.

The course teaches us how to be a keen observer of small details, habits, behavior and how to translate it into repertory rubrics. And Dr Veneeth shows how to repertorise precise and effectively to find the correct homeeopathic medicine.

The course covers various types of cases: acute, epidemic and chronic diseases. The patient example vary from  infants, children, adults and aged patients.

I really liked the motto of this whole course, "Keep it simple". It almost felt like striving to acquire the zen moment in ourselves as homeopaths to calmly recieve and solve  very difficult cases by simplifying it, using the right tools that Dr Hahnemann and great leaders of Homoeopathy has taught us.

Sangeeta Naveen 

The Netherlands

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recent international seminars:


Live case seminar in Spain -
Madrid 21-22 Oct 2023

and in

Norway - Bergen
24-25 Oct

Available both live in Madrid & via Webinar

The workshop/seminar can be attended live at location or via Zoom webinar for people who live for example in other countries.
There are only a limited number of places available at location.
Location in Madrid
The seminar venue:
Centro antares
Plaza del mar Caribe n*5
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For registration within Spain (Spanish) please phone Dr Beatiz: +34-699637343 or email to: beatriz_rato@yahoo.es

For registration from other countries (English) email to drveneeth@yahoo.com