Dr. Veneeth Sidharthan Homeopathic Case Prize Contest

Solution to the Contest Case

Many participants have sent in a solution, but only a few from Europe had the correct solution. Several thought it was a problem of the lachrymal duct, but if you zoom in, especially of the cured photos, you can see it is not related to the lachrymal duct.
It is also not a boil, but It is an abscess. It is an open "abscess with pus".
Dr Veneeth says: "An inflamed abscess with pus is easily  cured with the medicine Silicia, we don't have to think more. Often the symptoms are so marked that there is no need to take the rest of the case.

If it is not curing, then we can think of the other possibilities. You see from the many correct answers from Indian students and homeopaths that this was an easy case, such and other pathologies we teach in the 1st year curriculum.

About the swelling of the eye: Many participants focussed on this symptom. But this was a little misleading, because if anything is happening in the face near the eye, very often  there will be swelling. So it is not peculiar


Given was Silica C30, in divided doses (this is in water, succussing before each next dose, to be taken every few hours).
Just a few rubrics of Silica related to such problems:

NOSE - ABSCESS: (1) SIL. + (11)

 FACE - ABSCESS: (1) Sil. + (7)


 GENERALS - ABSCESSES - acute: (1) Sil. + (31)

 GENERALS - ABSCESSES - hasten suppuration; remedies to: (1) Sil. + (21)


The winners

1. Rekha Unni : Free Online course
2. Drnahila Dilshad: also 75% discount code
3. Roland Coenjaarts: 50% discount code

Case history

A woman came into Dr Veneeth's practice on 8 June 2023 with this euption on the skin near the corner of her right eye, but on the nose (see photo).

Veneeth prescribed a remedy within 5 minutes after quickly looking up a few rubrics in the repertory Synthesis.

- What rubrics would you take?

- Which remedy would you prescribe?


Send in your solution

Send in your solution, well motivated, with  the following information:

- Which rubrics can you observe?

- Which remedy would you prescribe?

- How would you dose the remedy?

- Your full name

- The country you live in

- Your email address

Submissions is closed

Send your solution to email


From the participants the person with the best solution will rereive a free access code to Dr Veneeth's online course "Core analysis and prescribing in homeopathy part 1". The second and third place will receive a 75 and 50% discount coupon to the online course.

You have only 7 days to send in your solution  !!

The Solution of the contest:....

You will find the solution on this webpage from 25 June onwards.

And, all participants will receive in 7 days a email with the solution to the contest, and who are the prize winnars.



One of the motto's of De Veneeth is "Keep it simple".

- take what you can observe, do not theorise

- if a more complex case, only use what you can verify, what you are really sure of. reduce the analysis to the core, take symptoms which cover all aspects of the case.

- you can learn more about case analysis in his course



Photo left:

On 9 June 2023 (1 days after the first visit) the patient came in for a quick visit showing that the problem was reduced a lot.


- What do you think was the advise regarding the posologu of the remedy? 



Photo left:


On 10 June (two days after the first visit)  the patient sent in these two photos showing  the result. She did not want to bother to come to the practice because it was not needed anymore.





If you want to learn how to prescribe like this, consider to take the online course of Dr Veneeth "Core analysis and prescribing in homeopathy part 1"

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